2024 New Sex Dolls with Biggest Boobs

152cm (4.99ft) Full Size Big Breasts Love Doll for Men Bettina HG8

The doll was built exactly how I wanted it and the seller made the purchase exceptionally easy and communication was the best I have ever experienced with any online retailer. This one of 4 purchases I have made from them. Highly recommended.

153cm (5.02ft) Real Large Breasts Adult Sex Doll For Men Caroline

Overall, buying from this site was a very pleasant experience. The whole process, from start to finish, took around four weeks. This was expected and I ended up getting a beautiful doll that was exactly what I ordered. (There were no unpleasant surprises and no misrepresentations!)

Realistic Sex Dolls Just Like Humans

165cm (5.41ft) Big Boobs Charming Lady Sex Doll Darlene

While this was my first purchase and my skepticism made the process nerve racking, I was amazed to find the support to be amazing, thorough and patient. My doll is damn near perfect, I’m astounded by the detail and care they took with her.

165cm (5.41ft) Big Chest Life Size Premium Love Doll Belinda

The entries on this doll are very realistic and mimic a woman’s internal structure. This also adds to the doll’s realism. The breasts are gel filled, giving them realistic feel and bounce.

Most Beautiful Sex Dolls 2024

165cm (5.41ft) Big Breasts Sweet Girl Sex Doll Regina

This is my third purchase, and I am impressed as usual. The staff are great and the workmanship is superb quality. Doll is very realistic looking. I will continue to shop here!

165cm (5.41ft) Medium Chest Life Size Doll for Sex Mami

The doll is amazingly detailed and life like. Me and my partner absolutely love her. This was a well worth investment and the site blew away our expectations.

2024 Most Realistic Sex Dolls

165cm (5.41ft) Big Tits Silicone Sex Doll RD21060427 Moira

I was a little afraid because I had not heard of this site before. I don’t know how good the quality dolls they make. But I decided to order anyway because they have all the features I wanted. The sale prep is friendly and helps to answer any question I have. This doll is nice in touch and feel. She feel soft and just like real woman.

158cm (5.18ft) Big Chest Latin Sex Doll RD21060419 Salome

Better than I expected! Very, very beautiful life size doll. This looks so realistic. She’s gonna creep me out at night for sure, but in a good way.

2024 Sex Dolls That You’ll Definitely Want to Show Off

152cm (4.99ft ) Big Breast Chubby Big Ass Sex Doll E19081223 Charlotte

Better than expected. TPE is very soft. Skeleton seems to be good quality. Shipping was fast and without issue. Very good customer service. Highly recommended, from an experienced doll owner.

152cm (4.99ft ) Big Breast Chubby Big Ass Sex Doll E19081224 Antonia

I received the doll exactly as the pictures, and all the functionalities (Moving Hip, Heating, Moaning) are working as expected. The build quality is great and doesn’t look cheap. It also has removable leg for easy storage. I pay for storage case, and it is well made.