Gorgeoussexdoll.com (Legit Or Another Scam?)

Yes, the site is legit. Really a very nice doll. I bought her a bargain and I have to say she is worth the money. The on-site service was also very helpful! I want realistic blue eyes with veins. The seller kindly arranged for a pair of modified eyes to fit my head. Very happy with the result! Great service, no nonsense. Received the doll smoothly. He kept me informed throughout the process. highly recommended! !

Is Realsexlovedoll.com Safe ?

Yes, it is a safe store. She is so adorable, pretty, beautiful, flawless, where am I? Oh yes, cute, just like the pictures! It seems to be the right weight and smells great. I thought it smelled like plastic, but it doesn’t at all. She’s soft and fluffy, a great cuddle buddy, and even without the heating function, she’s easily warmed up with things like the thermal blanket and my body heat. Sorry, this doll is amazing!

Realsexlovedoll.com (Legit Or Another Scam?)

Yes, a legit company! I’m not very good at commenting, so here are my observations. Beautiful body, I am in love with this. Looks great (very close to the photo, although it didn’t come with the dress). A woman’s true weight for her size. Realistic feeling! All in all, everything I was hoping for. Great feel and quality! I am very happy with my purchase and plan to visit this site for my future needs.

Milfsexdoll.com (Legit Or Another Scam?)

Yes, they are a legit company. It was a joy to cuddle with her and I honestly think sleeping with her is better than ever. The dolls are high quality with just the right amount of curves to please any bum or boob lover. Also to note, the hole placement on this model is really good, I handled various positions with ease. Overall I think this is the most perfect fit out of all the options I have researched and I am so glad I got it.

RealSexLoveDoll: Site Review

Yes, it’s the best! My doll was delivered on Sept 22 and I have to tell you about the best day of my life. The cs members were very helpful, answered all my questions and cleared up all my concerns. I’ve been scammed before so when I came to this site I was nervous. I have serious trust issues so naturally I thought I was going to be scammed again and happily swallowed my words 3 weeks later. As soon as I saw the FedEx truck, I nearly rolled out of my seat and was soon on top of my doll. Nothing wrong! 10/10! Tell everyone this company is the best!

BestLoveSexDoll: Site Review

Yes, it is a professional sex doll site! I ordered two dolls, both flawless and beautiful. Shipping took a little longer than expected, but understandable for the holidays. The package was well protected and the customer service was excellent. All in all, very professional and very helpful! I bored these guys to death in the process, but they patiently answered all my questions and sent me more photos that I requested. I can’t speak for my experience. thank you all.

Gorgeoussexdoll.com review – Can you trust this vendor?

Yes, I trust the vendor! My doll shipped fast and in perfect condition. Quality materials and a beautiful end product. If you like curves but aren’t strong enough or don’t mind moving heavy dolls around, then this is the way to go. Doll is very realistic, small but curvy. I finally found this! He is a very good trader. Friendly and fast. Excellent customer service every step of the way. Thank you so much!

Read Customer Service Reviews of milfsexdoll.com

Yes, they provided great service and super cute dolls! Every item comes in perfect condition. Nothing missing, all good quality. This doll is definitely a step up from the rest, and it’s incredibly affordable. I recommend it to anyone thinking of buying for the first time. You have nothing to lose and you end up with the best deal on the market. I love my dolls and the service and aftercare is top notch!

Realsexlovedoll.com review – Can you trust this vendor?

Yes, it’s a trusted vendor! Incredible dolls at unbelievable prices! This was my first doll purchase, so naturally I was nervous throughout the process. From pre-purchase questions to communication during and even post-purchase, the team at this site is excellent. And the doll is awesome! Exactly what was advertised and everything I wanted for my first doll. Excellent quality, excellent service, all aspects are satisfied. I can only recommend this seller!

Is Cherrypiesexdoll.com Safe ?

Yes, this is a safe platform. I don’t usually write reviews, but when I was looking for my first doll, I was very nervous due to the sizeable amount. When I found this seller, the first thing I noticed was that it had been around for at least 2018. It’s not very long, but much longer than many other sites. Second, they provide an actual address, not just a vague description. Third, I found that there is no shortage of related sites that provide sellers with reliable reviews. So I ordered them a doll. The product arrived quickly and matches the description! I like this! ! The quality is really good. suggestion!